Twisted Histories anthology

Here’s a rather wonderful thing: the cover image for the Twisted Histories anthology. Superbly creepy.
Edited by Scott Harrison, it’s due out in paperback from Snowbooks in November and features re-imaginings of mythical figures. I’m delighted to see one of my stories keeping such good company.


01 – Gog & Magog by Kaaron Warren [Gog & Magog]

02 – Little Boxes by Gary McMahon [Pandora’s Box]

03 – Collapse by Susan Murray [Green Man / John Barleycorn]

04 – Blame The French by Stephen Gallagher [Odysseus]

05 – A Silence Between The Sounds by Scott Harrison [The Magi]

06 – Containment by Justin Richards [Werewolves]

07 – The Tides of Avalon by Jennifer Williams [King Arthur / Mermaids]

08 – Flaming Sword by Richard Dinnick [Adam & Eve]

09 – Covenants by Simon Beswick [Ark of the Covenant]

10 – The Second Coming by Wayne Simmons [The Resurrection]

11 – The Lips of Every Sleeper by Alison Littlewood [Dryads]


About SusanM
Genre fiction writer and serial house renovator (lapsed).

2 Responses to Twisted Histories anthology

  1. ginandbooks says:

    Ooh that looks good! Exciting times. Can’t wait to read it.

  2. SusanM says:

    Thank you!

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